Monday, May 11, 2009

know your chip chip hurray's member vol.5


Mikrobotmen is a solo project that Mohamad Aimen came up with;to play chiptune music. As he was skipping from band to band he came accross an event, where JW86 was performing. It was love at the first sight . It wil be a great honor to see chiptuners to be as great as the
other musician here in Malaysia."Mikrobotmen is a project that i made up to make music in the likes of classic console and in my case a gameboy using lsdj cartridge and some help from musiciam. most of my songs are influence by happy tunes that are presented on the classic consoles.. so lets have fun and be happy..."
bit bit bit bit

to check his stuff click the link below:


bhafashionista said...

ouh aimen!

ira zaki said...

ouh mike xavier!

Anonymous said...

mike xavier :D

Chip Chip Hurray!! said...

mike xavier.

electrony said...

dayum son !!!