Monday, February 2, 2009

know your chip chip hurray's member vol.1

mikrochip no 32

as you guys know he is one of the founder of this wonderful and colourful community.
he is the one is responsible for most of the activity of this movement. with his infectious tunes and great will, he recruit the best of malaysian and indonesian chiptuners(which is studying in malaysia) to bring a new genre to every body to enjoy.By listening to all type of music, back in 2007, Mikrochip no32, a graphic student, falling in love with chiptune music after his friend, Luie gave him a chiptune song called ‘ITSUMADEMO’ by JW86 from Indonesia. Attracted to the cute sound and the chiptune effect, Mikrochip no32 researched about chiptune music on the intenet and found free software called, Famitracker. Started from that, the journey to explore more chiptune music began.

Some of event/show that Mikrochip no32 performed are at Rantai Merdeka at Jaya One, Independent Soiree at Bukit Jelutong, UiTM, Shah Alam, pipit 2nd annyversary at barsonic, zouk club and youth 09, pwtc
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