Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CCH @ Aimen's birthday party

Event : Aimen's birthday party
Date : Cannot Remember
Performer : Koreg Syndicate, Moronbeat, Mikrochip No.32 & My Empty Battery

It was one of the first time we all met and perform together. Before this we all knew each other through myspace only. The idea came across the organizer (Aimen) when he cannot afford band or performance as he is on tight budget. So he gather around all the speaker from Chippy house and invited his own band (Koreg Syndicate), his classmate Moronbeat and both Klang's Chiptuners..
All the chiptuners still using laptop as their music instrument at that time. The performance was great although there is not so many people at that time, it was raining.
It was a great time for us, as we learn alot of new thing from each other...

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