Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nanoloop is a sequencer program which allows to control the Game Boy's built-in sound generators through a minimalistic graphical interface. Being a stepsequencer, it plays a pattern of 16 1/16 notes in an endless loop, while notes can be set, edited and deleted. There are four channels which are controlled indepentently. Each channel's patterns can be saved to file slots in nanoloop's onboard flash memory and are then available for mixing new combinations or song arrangement.

The idea of nanoloop is to simplify the stepsequencer concept as far as possible while still keeping -and hopefully increasing- the gamesome, addictve character of loop-based music creation. Despite the simple design and usage, it allows to create complex structures. There are no pre-set sounds, instead, raw components are tweaked and arranged in a building blocks fashion.

Nanoloop is available in two types:

  • Version 1 for the original Game Boy models (including DMG, GBP, GBC, GBA, GBA SP)
  • Version 2 for Game Boy Advance (including GBA, GBA SP, GB micro, DS, DS lite)

anoloop 1 uses the console's simple built-in sound-generators, resulting in the typical rough and clear bleeps & noises as known from video games of the 8-bit era.

Nanoloop 2 extends this basic set through a custom software-synthesizer with filters, FM-synthesis and polyphony, allowing for more smooth tones as well as more noisy ones. Version 2 also provides some additional convenient functions which make operation even simpler.

Price : EU65 for 2.3 Cart & EU58 for 1.3 Cart
(Not including shipping)

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