Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wayfar MidiNES, from midi to NES

Midines is a hardware / cartridge interface (game) that enables MIDI control of the 8bit NES sound chip. Midines allows the 8bit NES to join the ranks along side other retro gear in the professional MIDI recording studio. NesFX is a retro graphic visualization that is seeded by the incoming MIDI sound data, and is included with Midines.

Midines is crafted via modifying 8bit Nintendo game cartridges, cleaning / stripping the original cases, removing the original game CIC chip and installing the Midines 1.1 circuitboard.

Midines is a independently authored, non-Nintendo licensed hardware interface that enables MIDI access to the 8bit NES sound chip, allowing integration of the NES into your MIDI recording studio.

Midines provides full access to the 2x Pulse, Tri, Noise and DMC (sample) channels. Including access to sweep, duty, volume and length sound registers. The sound routine is not dependent on the vertical screen refresh rate (vblank) allowing high speed MIDI CC modulation of all parameters.

Price Retail : US$89 (Not including shipping)

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